About Us

We are CC and PB and we left our jobs in Sydney, Australia for 2 years so that we could travel and volunteer in Latin America. We flew from Sydney to Santiago, Chile to start our journey in July 2017. Two years later we arrived in Mexico City. We travelled overland for the whole route, except for the short hop over the Darien Gap from Medellin to Panama City.

We are both 40-somethings and big fans of wildlife and birds – but not ‘proper’ birdwatchers – we are too lazy for that 🙂

For most of our trip we tried to prioritise places where we could see wildlife and nature, and we became a bit obsessed with finding new birds and animals that we hadn’t seen before. The result was an ‘official bird list’ – which of course is not finished! But one day it will be…

We wrote most of this blog as we travelled, but in the end we couldn’t keep up and ended up with a backlog of posts to write – so we VERY SLOWLY finished writing this blog from Australia.

FINALLY, we finished writing the blog posts in MAY 2022 – yes, just under THREE YEARS after we finished the trip…. that’s the problem with working – gets in the way of more important things like writing blog posts 🙂

Anyway, the posts may be written, but this website is not finished – it will be turned into an archive of the trip at some point in the future and the bird list and beer pics will also finally be finished…. watch this space… (very patiently…)!