Our route

As we progressed on our trip I kept a Google Map showing all of our overnight stops, all of our day trips, and the line of our route. It became a bit of a monster :-), but it’s all there…

View our trip route

Being an avid lover of statistics, I also created some trip stats…

Countries visited: 17
Distance travelled by bus: 43,038km
Distance travelled by boat: 2,365km
Distance travelled by 4WD: 675km
Distance travelled by train: 80km
Distance travelled on foot: 35km
Distance travelled by plane: 300km
TOTAL DISTANCE travelled (except for return flights to Galapagos): 46,493km

At this moment I will point out that of course we actually covered much more distance than this because of the various day trips that we took…. these totals represent the official ‘continuous overnight stays journey‘ – yes, I know I just made that term up… 🙂 But stats are meant to be part made up.. right? 🙂

Days taken: 724 days (07 July 17 – 30 Jun 19) (just under 2 years)
Country breakdown:
Chile – 113 days (just under 4 months)
Argentina – 135 days (4.5 months)
Paraguay – 14 days
Brazil – 41 days (1.5 months)
Uruguay – 20 days
Bolivia – 83 days (3 months)
Peru – 78 days (2.5 months)
Ecuador – 82 days (3 months)
Colombia – 56 days (2 months)
Panama – 10 days
Costa Rica – 23 days
Nicaragua – 6 days
El Salvador – 12 days
Honduras – 3 days
Guatemala – 12 days
Belize – 4 days
Mexico – 32 days (1 month)

Number of buses/minivans/colectivos taken: 214 (doesn’t include day trips)
Average length of bus journey: 201km
Number of overnight location stops: 169
Different accommodations stayed in: 195 (including night buses, ferry, and tapir hide)
Average stay per overnight location stop: 4.28 days
Number of clock changes: 13