Coins of Peru

We have had to use quite a few different currencies on this trip – after each border it takes a while to get used to the next currecy. Countries that put wildlife on their notes and coins get extra special brownie points from us – and Peru even released a special set of 1 SOL coins featuring endangered animals of Peru. There were seven in the set:

Spectacled Bear
Tumbes Crocodile
Andean Condor
Darwin’s rhea
White-winged guan
Andean tapir

Unfortunately during our time in Peru we only found four of them – BOO πŸ™ Still, four is better than ZERO. As you can see below, we didn’t find the Jaguar, Rhea, or Condor.

BUT, actually those three animals we have seen in the wild! πŸ™‚ (not all in Peru), so that means that really we did complete the set πŸ™‚ A wild animal counts more than a coin – right? πŸ™‚

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