Estamos em Florianópolis

Florianópolis is on Santa Catarina Island, but it’s linked to the mainland via a bridge… It was our one and only stop in the state of Santa Catarina, and it was a very enjoyable one 🙂

This bridge to the mainland is under scaffolding and you can’t use it as it’s being repaired… but as it looks much nicer than the one the bus went on to get us to the island – I’m posting the picture anyway!

Florianópolis – known as Floripa by everyone in the know – is a mass tourist destination, and what can I say apart from I’m glad we were there out of season 🙂 🙂 It’s not just that I prefer quiet walking trails and beaches, but it also means that I get to stay in places otherwise out of reach 🙂 In Floripa, our aparthotel not only was very nice, but it even looked posh from the outside… this means that it had flags over the front entrance… okay so I’m sad, but I was excited by this… none of our previous accommodation has been adorned with flags (flags in backpacker hostels do NOT count…although I have to admit to looking at them and testing my knowledge of flags from around the world… yes I have been with PB too long!)

Check out the flags!!!

Once over the excitement of our accommodation (please note that some sense of enthusiasm for the accommdation returned each morning as I really enjoyed the breakfast… I don’t want to ruin PB’s breakfast post so will leave it at that) it was time to explore Floripa and the rest of Santa Catarina Island.

One of the big tourist destinations on the island is Lagoa da Conceição, so we decided to check out the hype…we enjoyed our day there – the lagoon was huge, there were cool sand dunes, we saw a new heron and we walked a bit of the Costa da Lagoa walking trail…

The lagoon on a bit of a cold, cloudy day.
Running down sand dunes really is fun… PB goes up and down several times 🙂 And believe me watching him was pretty fun too! Hopefully this picture is enough to stir your imaginations so you can mentally picture him running down… and smile like I did 🙂
Check out this cool Black-crowned night heron.
Let the walking begin…

On our other 2 days on Santa Catarina Island we went south as this is where the good walking trails seemed to be… Both the trails led to a beach, but we preferred the second trail to Lagoinha do Leste… it was a circular trail, so less boring – as retracing steps isn’t so good (although sometimes necessary – as the first trail proved… either retrace or spend the rest of our lives on the beach!!!) Here are some pictures from the second walk…

Let the trail begin…
It’s hot on the trail… I blame PB he said it was a gentle uphill… it was not!
Our destination – Lagoinha do Leste
Then it was time to leave and climb a massive hill… BUT at least we were rewarded with a nice view of the beach after the climb!
Our final destination before taking the bus back to Floripa was this lovely beach… yay for a scenic walk 🙂

All in all Floripa was a great, relaxing place to spend a few days – but that was probably only because it was out of season and fairly empty of people! 🙂

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