Estamos em Paraty

Paraty was a nice place to hang out for a few days as it was a small, relaxing place by the water 🙂

In the town itself there isn’t a long list of things to do… We spent most of our time wandering the cobbled streets of the old town, taking in the sights (a few old colonial buildings), relaxing and taking pictures of burrowing owls by the waterfront!!

A cute waterfront building.
Paraty – a relaxing place by the water.
Colourful doors and cobbled streets
The burrowing owl chills out on his burrow.

We also took the time to meander to the Forte Defensor Perpétuo – an old Portuguese fort – where in spite of warnings that the oysters would get us, I can happily report that we survived the excursion unscathed… no oysters or PB or CC were hurt during the outing!?!

We didn’t see any oysters on the path… maybe the previous tourists managed to remove them for a snack?!?
A nice view from the trail at the fort.

Paraty is not only famous for being an old cobbled street town in Brazil… it is also famous for its sweet carts… how could we resist?!?

Yum! Sweet treats 🙂
If only we’d had more days in Paraty I would have eaten my way through the different options… as it was I had to settle for one 🙁 BUT it was awesome – lemon cheesecake… yay, we picked well!!

Paraty signalled the end of our time in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which I can officially say is one of the BEST states in Brazil 🙂

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