Estamos En Ushuaia

We’ve made it to Ushuaia – the end of the world – their marketing tag line not something I’ve made up! Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world! There is a town further south in Chile ( Puerto Williams) but we’re not visiting there…. therefore Ushuaia is not only the southernmost city in the world but also the southernmost point of our journey as well!!

PB at the end of the world…

Ushuaia – when the sun was shining and the wind wasn’t blowing at full force – was a lovely place to be 🙂 But when the wind was strong and the rain was coming down I believe I may have voiced an opinion (or two) to the contrary!

The waterfront was a particularly nice place to be, as you were either looking out at the Beagle Channel or looking back on Ushuaia and the mountain backdrop…

An old battered ship near the shore, which a number of cormorants now called home 🙂
Check out the lighthouse in the background (the red and white thing)… we’ve seen a few lighthouses looking like this now – took us a while to work out that they still worked…
Looking back at Ushuaia
Mountains and colourful buildings make the town picturesque

The Beagle Channel is also full of wildlife 🙂 From the shore we only saw birds, but hey some of them were new birds for us 🙂 🙂

A giant petrel.
A dolphin gull… okay so we’ve seen these before but I like them!
Mr. and Mrs. Kelp Goose hanging out
Female Flying Steamer Duck
Male Flying Steamer Duck
Austral parakeet – the world’s southernmost parakeets!

While in Ushuaia we also decided to walk to the Glaciar martial… we thought the first part would be along the road, but we managed to find a ‘hidden’ trail through the woods which was pretty nice (I say ‘hidden’, as even the lady in the tourist office didn’t seem to know of its existance, in spite of a huge sign!) After the part in the woods, we reached the car park… full of cars and tour buses… we continued the walk upwards with everyone else to the glacier… I’m still not sure if we really ever actually saw the glacier – we arrived at some snow and didn’t venture further…. it looked like the glacier had unfortunately receeded and that we wouldn’t find it even had we continued…

PB at the start of the not so hidden trail…
PB enjoying life on the trail… trail walking is so much nicer than road walking 🙂
Heading upwards on the trail to the glacier…
The destination is in sight 🙂
Looking back at Ushuaia from the glacier trail.
The end of the road for us….

There was also a second side trail which we took… this led to an official viewpoint overlooking Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel… to be honest though, I think they put the viewpoint sign in the wrong place as the views were much better a little bit further round the corner… maybe the signpost was a good thing though –  as it meant that we got the best part of the trail all to ourselves!

CC meandering towards the viewpoint…
The official view of Ushuaia
My preferred view of Ushuaia
PB heading home – after a steep ascent it was time to do the same in reverse!
It’s a long way down to town… but at least town is getting closer!!!

We enjoyed hanging out in Ushuaia… we even tagged an extra day on to our time there… well, okay so this was because we couldn’t get out on the day we wanted to! Yeah, okay so we could have left on that day – but leaving at 5:30am, changing buses, AND paying an extra $40 for the priviledge just felt wrong! So we stayed an extra day and therefore ate additional tortas fritas, finally found a centolla (king crab) empanada to try, battled more of the patagonian wind, enjoyed one too many hot chocolates, and took the bus north to Chile the following day at the more civilised hour of 8:15am 🙂

PB holding his last Argentinian Torta Frita for a while 🙂

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