Birds of Aldea Luna

Birds… we love birds… and Aldea Luna was home to lots of birds… the problem was that they were easy to hear… BUT difficult to see, and EVEN MORE difficult to take pictures of… so some of our pictures are unfortunately a little blurred 🙁

In spite of the difficult conditions we managed to see NINE NEW birds during our time in Aldea Luna… along with some of our old friends that we had seen on previous parts of the trip so far 🙂

I present here to you our gallery of birds of Aldea Luna! 🙂

A Common Bush Tanager.
A Hepatic Tanager.
Our old friend from Esteros del Ibera in Argentina – the Sayaca Tanager…
Whistling heron… not a new heron for us, but one we think is very cool.
WOODY!!! But this is a new woody… this is a Golden-Olive Woodpecker.
The rufous-bellied thrush might be everywhere… but I thought you might like to see him again!?!
A common House Wren hangs out at Aldea Luna 🙂
Another new bird for us – A Golden-billed Saltator.
A Black-capped Warbling-Finch 🙂
WOODY!!! Yes, another new woody was spotted at Aldea Luna – This time a Cream-backed Woodpecker 🙂
The Cream-backed Woodpecker was so cool I’m sharing another picture with you…
And another one… this one shows how he got his name… check out his cream-coloured back markings!
Here is the Orange-headed Tanager we saw 🙂
And last but not least the Chopi Blackbird.

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