Birds of Peru…

There are lots of birds in Peru 🙂 🙂 And having only written one bird post since we arrived in Peru – birds of Manu National Park – it’s high time to share some more bird pictures!!! Here, therefore is the second gallery of Peruvian birds… all of which were seen in our time up to, but not including Lima – yep, that’s right… there’ll be a second instalment at some stage i.e. Lima onwards!!!

But before the pictures – some numbers!!! 🙂

381 – number of different species of birds that we’ve seen in South America so far!
62 – the number of birds we’ve seen in Peru so far!

Okay, so the moment you’ve been waiting for – drum roll, please….

Black-winged Ground-Dove, Cabanaconde.
Hooded Siskins, Cabanaconde.
Giant Hummingbird, Cabanaconde (a bit blurred – sorry!) (but it’s a cool bird!)
Andean Flicker, Cabanaconde.
Bare-faced Ground-Dove, Cabanaconde.
Golden-bellied Grosbeak – Cabanaconde.
Mourning sierra finch – Cabanaconde.
Blue-and-white Swallow – Machu Picchu.
Slate-throated Redstart, Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Pueblo).

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