Santiago to Lima

WE MADE IT LIMA! (Yes, quite a while ago, but as you know we are a bit behind with our posts… 🙂 )

So, the ‘official’ third leg of the trip is complete and it’s STATS TIME!

The distance between Santiago and Lima is 3,300km and around 50 hours by bus. However for us it took a little over 6 months – and 12,475km – a little bit slower than the 50 hours by bus 😉 – but then we did stop to look at some things on the way 🙂

The route that we took can be seen on the Route Map page

So, the stats for this part of the journey (Santiago to Lima) are:

Countries visited: 4 (Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru)
Distance travelled by bus: 11,020km
Distance travelled including other methods: 12,475km (including 300km by plane, 675km in a 4WD, 80km by train, and 400km by boat)
Days taken (including first night in Lima): 191 days (26 Mar 18 – 2 Oct 18)
Country breakdown:
Chile – 42 days
Argentina -19 days
Bolivia – 83 days
Peru – 47 days

Number of overnight stops: 41
Different accommodations stayed in: 52 (including a night on a bus and a night in a tapir hide)

So on this leg of the journey we stayed an average of 4.66 nights in each location…. So the more time that passes, the slower we get! The last two averages were 4.48 nights per stop for stage 2 – Buenos Aires to Santiago, and 3.44 nights per stop for stage 1 –Santiago to Buenos Aires.

Of course, now we must present the stats for the whole trip so far (Santiago to Lima)

Countries visited: 7 (Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru)
Distance travelled by bus: 30,898km
Distance travelled by boat: 1,900km
Distance travelled including all methods: 33,853km (including 300km by plane, 675km in a 4WD, 80km by train)
Days taken (inc. first night in Lima): 453 days (07 July 17 – 2 Oct 18) (around 1 year and 3 months)
Country breakdown:
Chile – 113 days (just under 4 months)
Argentina – 135 days (4.5 months)
Paraguay – 14 days (2 weeks)
Brazil – 41 days (6 weeks)
Uruguay – 20 days (3 weeks)
Bolivia – 83 days (3 months)
Peru – 47 days (7 weeks up to Lima)

Number of different bus companies used: 69
Number of boats used: 22 (includes ferries and day trips)

Number of overnight location stops: 108
Different accommodations stayed in: 124 (including night buses, ferry, and tapir hide)
Average stay per overnight location stop: 4.2 days

Number of clock changes: 9 (2 clock changes on this latest leg…)

Different bird species seen: 383
Different animal species seen: 57

So, time for the fourth leg!.. Probably this leg will be Lima to Bogota – a distance of around 2,900km and a bus journey of 70 hours with Cruz del Sur (NO THANKS to that journey?!?…so using our timescales probably about another 5 months and 10,000km….

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