CC’s mum goes sightseeing in Viña and Valpo!

After a busy schedule in La Serena it was time to head to Viña del Mar

Given that every day in La Serena was a ‘grey’ day, it was a relief to arrive in Viña del Mar as the sun was shining 🙂 It was in fact so clear on the day we arrived, that we were rewarded (Rewarded? For what? I hear you ask… For enduring another long bus journey 😉 – my response!) with a beautiful sunset over the water…

Sunset in Viña del Mar – a truly spectacular sight. Please note that this photo was taken by us and is ‘au naturel’ – we are not photoshopping any pics on this trip – what you see is how it was taken 🙂

We had one day to take in the sights and sounds of Viña, as we had day trips planned on the other 2 days… But before the ‘real’ sightseeing around town could commence, it seemed only right that we check out the roof terrace of our airbnb 🙂

CC’s mum and CC are smiling – as the sun is shining and there is a nice view of Viña from the roof terrace 🙂

Our sightseeing then took us on a gentle stroll – taking in the famous flower clock and waterfront area of the town (where there is water there are normally birds – and we like birds 😉 ), before lunch…

Chile has lots of stray dogs… 2 of which were relaxing by the famous flower clock making sure that they got in everyone’s pictures!
There are lots of nooks and crannys on the waterfront.
Peruvian pelicans also like to hang out there…
It’s lunch time! Who says we have to eat Chilean food all of the time…? Indian is good… especially when you’ve not had it for over 9 months… CC’s mum enjoyed it too!

Easter Island statues are cool, so the next stop for CC’s mum was the Fonck Museum – as they have been donated an Easter Island Statue from the islanders…

Check out the Easter Island Statue…

Finally, as Viña is famous for its beaches, it would have been wrong not to check them out… luckily for us it was low season – which meant that the beaches were quiet and the lines for the churros stand were non-existent – perfect 🙂

The beach…
CC’s mum tries manjar-filled churros for the first time… check out the excited look… is this because she’s tasted plain churros previously in Spain and knows how good they are..or because she’s excited to get one step closer to completing her food challenge?!?

Our first day trip from Viña was to Valparaíso…Valparaíso – known locally as Valpo – is very close to Viña  – just a metro ride away 🙂

We had a nice day in Valpo… we rode the ascensors… climbed some steep steps (some of the ascensors were closed and there was just no other way up 🙁 )… checked out some grandiose buildings… admired the colourful houses precariously perched on the hillsides… wished we were as talented as the artists that had painted the murals in the streets… and pondered on the question of whether anyone had tried to ride the bike (this will make sense if you scroll down and look at the pictures!)

Check out some of our pictures of Valpo…

Grandiose buildings in Valpo.
It’s time to go for a ride on a very old ascensor 🙂
The view from the top of the ascensor.
Another view – slightly different angle!?! 🙂
Cool street art on the streets of Valpo.
It would be quicker to zoom down the hill on the bike rather than walk… but how do we get it down?
More cool street art – Valpo is full of cool artworks 🙂
A different viewpoint in Valpo… we had to walk up to this one!
Check out more colourful houses on the hillside – Valpo’s claim to fame!

We all enjoyed our day trip to Valpo… 🙂

Our final day trip from Viña was to Reñaca – a beach area on the northern edge of Viña … beaches are best seen in low season (in my opinion as I’m not a fan of really busy beaches!) and Reñaca was no different 🙂

Looking back on Reñaca.
A grey gull hangs out on the beach – yay CC’s mum gets another bird added to her bird list 😉
CC’s mum and CC hang out by the beach.

So all in all, Viña, Valpo, and Reñaca all got the thumbs up from CC’s mum 🙂 🙂

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