Estamos em Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto – our first Brazilian colonian town… and in spite of all the hype which usually means a place can’t live up to expectations – Ouro Preto did! In fact Ouro Preto far exceeded any expectations I had 🙂

We spent 3 days hanging out in Ouro Preto, walking the hilly, cobbled streets, taking yet another picture of a church or a picturesque street with colonial buildings! It was a bit grey, and overcast but that just added to the atmosphere…

Check out some pictures of Ouro Preto…

Our awesome hostel which was located on a very picturesque street.
The main square in Ouro Preto.
Our favourite church in Ouro Preto… It was nice on the inside too 🙂
Me in Ouro Preto – proof it was cold – I even had to locate my Beehive hoodie in the depths of my backpack!
Colourful houses in Ouro Preto – they were everywhere and we loved them 🙂
And finally an overhead view from one of the many vantage points:-)

Ouro Preto was also good as we weren’t in a big bad city so were able to venture out after dark… okay so I admit that this is possible in a big city also… but hey taxis and uber are what makes this much safer, and we find it easier not to bother and to relax, in our hotel/hostel/airbnb, after dark with dinner ready to go – obviously the quality of dinner varies according to the cooking facilties we have!!! But hey I’ve become quite a fan of crackers and cheese (No – I’m not losing my memory – I know I’ve always been a fan of crackers and cheese, but that’s when there’s a nice brie/camembert/taleggio/goats cheese etc but this is different… pre-sliced yellow cheese that resembles a cheddar but never is, or a tub of cream cheese…)

So, the eating and drinking scene in Ouro Preto served us well… not just for lunch with the traditional Brazilian ‘all you can eat’ buffet of beans and rice and salad, or the ‘pay per kilo’ buffet which tends to have slightly more exciting options… but also in an evening… we not only ate well, but also found places to drink craft beer… although I’m not convinced that an IPA we found in Ouro Preto was a true IPA… and of course we  tried the Brazilian national drink – caipirinha

PB sips a caipirinha… please note that it was a well-deserved drink as we needed to get over our expereince of an old bloke talking about gem stones…

So, in a nutshell it’s thumbs up all round for Ouro Preto!!!!

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