Estamos en Barranca

After Lima we headed north – our destination; Barranca – a town not even 200km from Lima…

There’s only one reason to plan a trip to Barranca in our opinion… and that reason is to visit the oldest archaelogical site in South America… a site that is older than the Pyramids in Egypt!! As this site is SOOOO special it gets its own post… so lucky for me, on arrival in Barranca we discovered a second reason for visiting – FOOD!?! 🙂

We ate very well in Barranca – and left hoping more of the same would be available as we headed even further north into Peru….

Barranca seemed to have a VERY big sweet tooth… there were cake shops everywhere, and for those still wanting a sweet hit but were on a diet(!?!) HUGE fruit salads to be consumed… or else you could opt for a small chocolate bar!?!? What did we do – we ate it all 🙂 🙂

The small chocolate bar choice… chocolate filled with manjar 🙂 :-).. for those in need of a small sugar boost 🙂
A random Barrancan cake – jelly, vanilla custard and chocolate moose… yum 🙂
The healthy fruit salad option! Technically speaking it’s the ‘fruit salad with multiple grains’ option.

When we weren’t getting a sugar hit, we were getting a spice hit 🙂 Barranca is the only place in Peru where (to-date) we have found a version of the Chilean Sopaipillas that we so loved.

A Peruvian sopaipilla and homemade chilli salsa – too good for sharing – we tried and had to order a second one!

Barranca gets the food thumbs up!?!

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