Estamos en Buenos Aires

We enjoyed our time in Buenos Aires… the big smoke of Argentina… with only 6 full days there we couldn’t see it all, but it definitely gave us a good taster and time to see the spots that all good tourists need to see!!!

We probably did it a little differently to most visitors though, as PB only let us use the subway once (not including when we were arriving and leaving – we were allowed to use the subway then – as walking from Retiro to the suburb we were staying in with our big bags would have been a bit far!!!) The rest of the time our only method of transport… was on foot… it’s all good though – my trainers still have some life left in them 😉

We stayed in an Airbnb in Balvanera barrio – a not-famous suburb that was always full of life 🙂 and was kilometre zero for all intents and purposes of our walking exploring of Buenos Aires… although of course we visited the real ground zero for Buenos Aires too 🙂

The real kilometre zero of Buenos Aires… this is where all distances in Argentina are measured from.
Just a few steps away from our kilometre zero… We don’t have a picture of our Airbnb… and hey this picture is probably more interesting than an apartment block anyway!

My favourite day in Buenos Aires was a very big walking day… we left ground zero (our suburb of Balvanera) to head off sightseeing… it was our first day seeing the streets of the capital as we’d imagined them to be i.e. busy (we arrived on a weekend and the Monday was a public holiday… leaving us with a false impression that Buenos Aires was a quiet place to be!!!). After a quick snack (walking builds up an appetite!?!) of chipa (yay, BA has Paraguayan treats 🙂 ) we headed to the centre, taking in some landmarks on the way…

The Palace of the Argentine National Congress
The obelisco.

We reached Plaza de Mayo – home to the famous Casa Rosada… yes The Pink House… remember Evita? It’s the same place that Evita (and I mean Evita NOT Madonna) stood to greet the crowds – having studied this at uni it was quite exciting to actually be here in person! The best views of Plaza de Mayo were from the cabildo

Plaza de Mayo action as seen from the Cabildo!
The Pink House!!!!

Our next stop after el centro (the centre!) was Puerto Madero… we crossed the famous pedestrian bridge – Puente de la Mujer – a bridge which apparently is the shape of a tango dancers leg!?! Picture below so you can decide if you agree/diagree!

The Puente de la Mujer… okay so get your imagination going and tell me if this resembles a ladies leg to you..
For those of you with no imagination this might help… we saw this couple dancing tango in San Telmo – they were pretty good 🙂

Over the bridge we were ready for our next destination – El Parque Natural y Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur. This nature reserve in the centre of Buenos Aires turned out to be way better than I ever imagined…

The reserve in the centre of Buenos Aires was surprisingly picturesque
And with a new animal 🙂 okay so it’s a blurred… but it’s a coypu and it was awesome to see one in Buenos Aires even if it was pretty far away…
And there was a new duck! This is a Rosy-billed Pochard and is number 194 on our bird list 🙂

After some animal excitement we strolled home, taking in San Telmo on the way for the second time 🙂 San Telmo is a funky suburb, which is famous for antiques and tango… and is home to a statue of Mafalda (a national icon)… the lines for a pic with Mafalda were crazy long on Sunday when we visited San Telmo on market day… but today we were in luck 🙂

PB meets Mafalda
Tango in San Telmo on a sunny afternoon :-).
The first time we came to San Telmo was a Sunday – so we got to stroll around the famous antiques market.
We also visited the park with an awesome onion-domed church (The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity) on our first stroll to San Telmo 🙂

Our other days in Buenos Aires saw us taking in as many of the other must-see destinations as possible as well as some of the not-so-necessary-to-see destinations!!! It would take too long (and possibly be a bit boring for you… and me) if I wrote about  everything we did, so here are two suburb highlights that didn’t make it into the best day section of the Buenos Aires blog post…

Recoleta – Home to the famous Recoleta Cemetery where many famous Argentinians are buried… it was very grandiose, and an interesting place to see… The suburb also has heaps of parks which are pleasant to stroll around… one of these parks is home to the impressive Floralis Genérica

The famous Recoleta Cemetery
Another pretty impressive grave in the cemetary..
The impressive Floralis Genérica… yes it’s a flower, but it was a cool flower… we only saw it in its open position, but apparently this impressive flower opens its petals each morning and closes them each evening… now you can’t deny that that is cool 🙂

La Boca – again a pretty famous suburb of Buenos Aires… famous I guess for 2 things – firstly The Boca Juniors (the football team (soccer 😉 ) that a huge number of Argentinians go crazy for… we were there on match day, so couldn’t get close to the stadium as it was barriered off with police directing us (sometimes not very well, as they didn’t seem to know where all their own barriers were!) away from the area… and secondly it’s famous for the colourful houses made from corregated iron…

Great street art welcomes you to La Boca.
The colourful houses are very popular with the tourists!
Street art to the famous Boca Juniors that everyone loves… well okay so maybe the River Plate fans aren’t included in this number!

All in all, we really enjoyed our time in Buenos Aires, there was always something interesting to look at wherever we walked.

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