Estamos en Chachapoyas

We spent five nights in the small town of Chachapoyas in northern Peru.

A visit to Chachapoyas is more about checking out the attractions in the surrounding area rather than a visit to the town itself… but when it wasn’t pouring down with rain (which it invariably did quite a lot) we quite enjoyed hanging out in between our sightseeing 🙂

The primary ‘attraction’ in town is the main square… but unluckily for us – this was under scaffolding while we were there 🙁 The other popular place to stroll up and down is the pedestrian street…

Glimpses of the main square – as viewed from over the lovely green netting that the workmen had put up!
The church on the main square… with the works on the square, it’s even hard to take a picture of the church!
A grey day on the pedestrian street in Chachapoyas.

When we weren’t out sightseeing and the weather was just TOO bad to leave the hostal, we simply hung out and drank mate and looked at the view of town from the room window…

Our mate drinking view!


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