Estamos en Chile!

We’ve arrived! We’ve got jet lag but we’re having fun anyway as Santiago is an awesome place 🙂

After 6 months of planning a fish stew lunch at the central market it has finally happened, and no it didn’t disappoint… so much so it was demolished before I even thought about taking a picture of it!

So instead here’s a picture of something else I ate!

Menú del día

This is my $6 bargain lunch! It included soup to start, bread with pebre (a spicy dip), salad and for my main – Meluza Napo Horno (hake in a napoli sauce) with chips. YUM!!

It’s not all about the food and drink though, the sights of Santiago are keeping us busy too… but you’ll have to wait for that, as I’m off to eat dinner 😉


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