Estamos en Colonia Carlos Pellegrini

We had an amazing 4 days in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini… yes once again I’m behind on posts, but this time through no fault of my own only ropy internet connections, BUT in spite of poor internet connections I can really only say good things about Colonia Carlos Pellegrini

Colonia Carlos Pellegrini is a really big village in what feels like the middle of nowhere, but it’s location in the Iberá Provincial Nature Reserve, which is a huge wetlands (the second largest in the world!), makes it our best destination yet!

Park visitor centre – as seen by boat – YES – boat rides looking for animals! 🙂

We stayed in the best place in the village (ok so I don’t really have a clue as we only stayed in one location, but it was pretty fine by my standards)… Posada el yacare (Posada Caiman) is named after one of the friendly inhabitants of the village 🙂 (…assuming you have heard of a caiman….The owners were awesome too…

Possibly the best budget accommodation in Colonia Carlos Pellgrini

Given our passion for wildlife and animals, most of our time was quite obviously spent trying to find animals! We went on boat trips on the lake and up river, and walked the trails by the visitor centre, we even went on a special excursion to a private reserve to look for birds…

When we weren’t looking for animals we were eating or sleeping!?! Most of the restaurants in town are really in people’s homes, and it’s not easy to find much variety in the food. Although I have to admit that it didn’t really matter as we found a nice place serving a really awesome tortilla de papas (potato omelette to those non-Spanish speakers among you)… but this was tortilla de papas quite unlike any I’ve ever tasted… check it out…

PB is excited as the infamous tortilla de papas has finally arrived

We were sad to leave Colonia Carlos Pellegrini but the dry season in the Pantanal isn’t that long so we needed to start the slow journey north! We saw so many animals that they are going to get separate posts! 🙂 Yes, I bet you can’t wait for pictures of Capybaras!!

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