Estamos en Posadas

We travelled the bumpy road from Colonia Carlos Pellegrini to Posadas with the help of the lovely Hugo – the owner of Posada El Yacare… To leave Colonia Carlos Pellegrini we needed a 4-wheel drive vehicle to take us out of the village… yes the road north is that bad and we didn’t want to retrace our steps. e were lucky it hadn’t been raining but apparently if it has it isn’t pretty!!! Although rain does mean more birds on route… needless to say we didn’t feel 100% lucky as we didn’t get to see as many birds on the way as we had hoped 🙁

Hugo took us as far as ‘the crossroad’ where the provincial route crosses the national route heading north… After a lunch of tortas fritas in the service station, Hugo helped us wave the bus down so we could continue on our journey to Posadas…

Posadas on a wet day in August… this is the old railway station – we arrived by bus but the sign at the train station was cooler than that at the bus station! If you squint into the background of the photo you might see the mighty Paraná river and Paraguay on the otherside!

Posadas is the capital of Misiones Province in the far north of Argentina… it had a friendly feel about it… on our first evening there during our quest for dinner, one kerb side restaurant even went out of their way to put some vego friendly food together for me (in spite of the pancho episode I’m yet to move into the realms of lomitos (an extreme steak sandwich) and milanesas!!!)

PB coined a new catch phrase in Posadas ‘Look there’s Paraguay!’ yes that’s right… if you stand on the Costanera looking at the river – then on the other side of the water is not Argentina but Paraguay 🙂

‘Look there’s Paraguay’ well, the bridge you need to cross if you wish to visit!
Look there’s Paraguay! And a mighty statue of Andresito – a local Guarani hero.

PB didn’t get to use his catch phrase as much as he probably would have liked though, as it rained for the whole of our second day… and I mean heavy rain, and thunder and lightning… we only left the hostel that day at 6:15pm when there was a break in the rain so we could go on the hunt for bread to go with dinner… we didn’t find any… but we did find a bakery selling homemade alfajores and chipa – yum!

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