Estamos en Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento is a ye olde town in Urguay… it’s quite a picturesque place but gets very full of tourists… our pousada was very busy… and our time in Colonia definitely made it feel like we were back on the well-travelled backpacker (and tour bus) trail…

Being in Colonia is primarily about strolling the streets of the colonial old town, so like all good tourists we spent a few hours checking out the sights of the old town…

This is probably the most famous street in Colonia… (Street of sighs)
And this is what la calle de los suspiros looks like… just as the Portuguese left it!!!
The hairy building and car… well that’s what it would have been called had it been located in Pelotas in Brazil… here it was just picturesque and photo worthy!
The lighthouse – built inside the ruins of an old church

You can also climb up the lighhouse… something I’m glad we did as it was very relaxing at the top 🙂 There were also nice views 🙂

A view from the top of the lighthouse…’Look I can see Argentina!’ you may or may not be able to make out Argentina on your device… Argentina was straight into the sun so hard to capture!!! (It’s not the easiliy visible blob of land – that’s an island that belongs to Uruguay…)

The other thing that all tourists do is stroll along the waterfront declaring ‘Look, I can see Argentina!’ or ‘Look, I can see Buenos Aires!’… Ok, so maybe such declarations were only made by PB, and myself once it became contagious!!!!

Look I can see Argentina… just about….
Look I can see Buenos Aires…

And finally, as no good destination is complete without a mention of either food or yes, you’ve guessed it – a BIRD!!!! Here is our bird snap in Colonia for all you bird lovers 🙂

Birds are all around us in South America… we saw this one around lunchtime… It’s also the bird’s lunchtime as you can see… It’s a Chimango Caracara, these are quite common in urban areas around South America – the first one we saw was way back in Santiago.

Next stop… Carmelo…

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