Estamos en Drake

Our final stop on the Osa Peninsula was Drake – a small town set on a beautiful bay, just a double bus ride away from Puerto Jiménez. Although when I say ‘just’, I guess I should add that my perspective of the drive is probably VERY different from the French tourists we spotted out of the window who were driving to Drake themselves… Yep, we got beautiful scenery and river crossings in a high clearance vehicle… while we spotted them parked up trying to gauge whether their hire care could make it across one of the multiple river crossings on route!

We liked Drake quite a lot… in part thanks to our awesome accommodation… yes we might have groaned each evening when we came home tired and exhausted as there were a lot of stairs to climb, but the view from our balcony was worth it… and we spent quite a fair few hours hanging out there, watching the birds come and go… we even had a special visitor in a nearby tree…

Home sweet home in Drake.
The view from our balcony 🙂
We spotted an orange-chinned parakeet rom our balcony.
There was an exciting pigeon too – a pale-vented pigeon.
And there was our old friend from Panama – a red-legged honeycreeper.
And from our balcony – deep in the undergrowth of the tree – we even spotted an iguana!

There weren’t many streets in Drake to stroll around… if we turned right out of our accommodation we reached the main drag – which comprised of two shops and not much else… If we turned left and headed downhill we arrived at the water. It was pretty relaxing to take a stroll on the beach as there really weren’t many people around – the only times it felt ‘busy’ were first thing in the morning or late afternoon when the tour boats came and went to whisk people to the National Park, or the ferries came to take people off the peninsula…

A funky street sign in Drake. It says ‘These streets are for everyone! Drive with care!’
There’s a beautiful long stretch of sand at Drake.
CC chills with a coke on the beach.
PB on the beach.
A blurred lesser yellowlegs on the beach!
A Jesus Christ lizard – how cool is that 🙂

After just three nights in Drake it was time to catch our early morning boat off the Osa Peninsula. We were heading to Quepos – the home of the famous Manual Antonio National Park, apparently one of Costa Rica’s most popular parks with around 150,000 visitors a year…

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