Estamos en Piura

Our final stop in Peru was Piura

Piura was a pleasant enough place to stroll around, BUT it didn’t have a whole heap of sights to keep us busy… We spent some time in town wandering around and stumbled across a number of green spaces, and a few churches which were nice enough… but I have to admit that the highlight of Piura for me was a discovery made in the supermarket chain Metro – that discovery was… drum roll, please… Tres Leches ice-cream – this could honestly be one of the best ice-cream flavours around – I can’t believe we didn’t find it in Argentina: the Land of Gelato!

A church in Piura.
Gelato – yum 🙂
Tres leches ice cream brings a smile to CC’s face!

We later discovered that Piura does all things related to tres leches pretty well…

Tres leches desert… yum 🙂

When we weren’t eating our way through Piura, we liked to hang on the balcony in our hostal… it was a great place for bird and wildlife spotting (of the urban variety anyway), and on our final night in Peru – the perfect spot for toasting to Peru with a local beer 🙂

Wildlife spotting from the hostal balcony.
PB toasts to Peru… but which is the correct answer? a) PB is smiling because he’s had a fab time in Peru b) PB is smiling because he’s leaving Peru or c) PB is smiling because he’s basically just drunk too much cheap Peruvian beer? answers to be sent on a postcard to…

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