Crossing Peru

As with every country so far except for Uruguay and Paraguay, we found ourselves needing to cross a vast distance to get to one of our next destinations (allow me a little poetic licence…. 🙂 )

In this case, we needed to cross Peru to get from Chachapoyas to Piura – a distance of around 640km. Yes, not that far really compared to the crossings of Brazil (1680km), Argentina (1570km), or Chile (1630km) – especially when this journey was also going to require two overnight stops…

But that’s the Andes mountains for you – even at Peruvian bus driver speed, it takes a while to get anywhere. To make matters worse, most of this journey was going back the way we came – so once again we would be spending the night in the lovely Bagua Grande, and also stopping for the night again in Chiclayo.

The journey was fairly uneventful, but we stayed in a different, BETTER place in Bagua Grande than the first time round. As we arrived in Chiclayo after dark, and then left again first thing in the morning, there’s not much to say about our second visit to Chiclayo, so I’ll leave you with the ‘highlights’ of our second visit to Bagua Grande…

It’s very hot in Bagua Grande, so we drank a big jug of COLD Chicha Morada.
The Hostal Imperial – a step above our previous Bagua Grande accommodation.
Our room came with a mountain view…

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