Estamos en Purmamarca

After crossing the border, our first stop in Argentina was Purmamarca… Purmamarca is a place in Argentina that feels nothing like Argentina – well not like the other parts we’ve been too… I get that each province is a bit unlike the next… but Purmamarca felt so unlike Argentina it was surreal!

Although, maybe it was the shock of leaving Chile and arriving in Argentina… or was it the shock of travelling by bus… AND arriving at our destination over 2 hours early… 2 hours late – yes, this has happened heaps… but 2 hours early? That’s unheard of in Argentina… maybe travelling at altitude makes buses run more efficiently!?!

Anyway… Purmamarca is located in Jujuy ProvinceΒ and is famous for its Cerro de los Siete Colores (hill of seven colours), which you can see from the dusty streets of the town AND from the balcony of our hotel room πŸ™‚ The seven colours hill makes Purmamarca a very picturesque town…

The view from our balcony… we enjoyed our morning coffees looking at the hills πŸ™‚
A street in Purmamarca.
A different street in Purmamarca…
Purmamarca is very beautiful, so it attracts lots of tourists… there is therefore a big market in the main square especially for all the tourists that arrive on daytrips!

There is a viewpoint in town that you can visit too – it’s called Mirador Pobito – we visited this mirador before realising that there is a much better one that is free, much less crowded, and with better views…

Here is a picture of the view from the viewpoint in town that you have to pay to go up…

Check out the view of town and the coloured hills from the view point.
A close up of the colours πŸ™‚

And now for some pictures of the second, more superior viewpoint that is FREE that we also went up…

The first view you get after a bit of a hike up is of the river.
Then as you turn a corner, town comes into sight… from this viewpoint the whole of Purmamarca lies beneath you πŸ™‚
A close up of town.
You get cactuses on this mirador walk too πŸ™‚
The town from slightly higher up… I found it hard to stop taking pictures…
CC is smiling as she thinks this viewpoint is awesome πŸ™‚
PB is determined to carry on and see if there is a better view further along!
Where’s PB?!?
PB in the hills of Purmamarca.
A final view of town before we start the walk down…

The other thing to note about Purmamarca that makes it different (and better in my opinion!) to other parts of Argentina – Street food!!! Other parts of Argentina seem devoid of it, but here there are heaps of sellers selling tortilla a la parilla rellenadas… it seems like these pastries, which are primarily filled with cheese and ham and then cooked over hot coals are only found in this part of Argentina… such a shame – they should be everywhere!!!

CC – having a day off from being a pescatarian – enjoyes a cheese and ham filled tortilla πŸ™‚

To sum up, we really enjoyed our stay in Purmamarca, and were looking forward to seeing just how different the other parts of Northwest Argentina were from the rest of the country πŸ™‚

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