The seven colours walk of Purmamarca

The main reason for us to be in Purmamarca, was to do the famous ‘7 colours walk’. It gets its name from the beautiful multi-coloured rocks that can be seen in the hills along the walk. You don’t really need to do the walk to see the coloured rocks – they can be seen from town – but the walk gets you out amongst the rocks.

You could say that it barely qualifies as a ‘walking trail’, as it’s mostly a gravel road that cars can drive down, and it’s only 3km long – it pretty much goes round the back of the ‘Hill of seven colours’ – so really you could say that it’s just a road at the back of town.

HOWEVER – that doesn’t mean that it isn’t AWESOME 🙂 It’s a really great stroll – there are hardly any cars and not even that many people. We liked it so much that we did it TWICE! 🙂 Once in the morning, and once in the afternoon – and in different directions – so it was like having TWO ‘seven colour walks’ instead of one 🙂

There are a few tracks heading off from the road, and so it’s great for doing a little bit of extra strolling down unexplored canyons. There were cactuses and coloured rocks at every turn – it was great! The walking committee briefly reformed and decided that as it wasn’t a ‘proper walk’ it wasn’t fair to judge it against other walks, and so it became the winner in its own category (but we don’t know what that category is – the walking commitee disbanded before it could be determined……)

So, here are some pictures from the walk – I am leaving them uncaptioned so that I don’t have to keep writing the same thing, eg. ‘beautiful rocks’, ‘CC with a cactus’ etc etc….. I’m sure you can work out what they are…. 🙂

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