Estamos en Salta

We made it to Salta – our final destination in Argentina… well, for now anyway – I’m sure we’ll be back 😉 😉

Salta is a pretty pleasant city to be in 🙂 Being in the northwest of Argentina there is still street food on tap (yes, my stomach is my number one priority – always!) Plus, it’s home to famous, delicious empanadas… what can I say, apart from that we enjoyed eating cheesy empanadas in Salta VERY much. They were accompanied with a fiery tomato salsa, so yet again the northwest of Argentina proves it’s not like the rest of Argentina 🙂

CC can’t wait to tuck into some tasty cheese empanadas 🙂

Along with empanadas, Salta is probably best known for its colonial buildings… it has a lot of cobbled streets full of old buildings and colourful churches that are pretty nice to look at 🙂

The Iglesia Nuestra de la Señora de la Candelaria de la Viña.
San Francisco Church.
Salta’s cathedral.
A ye olde street in Salta’s town centre… minus the cobbles… which made it much easier to walk down!!!

Salta is also home to the high-mountain archaeological museum (MAAM), which is totally cool… the museum is really informative about Inca culture and gives an insight into the children that were sacrificed by the Incas… as well as having lots of information about the child sacrifices, it is also home to three of the mummies of the children that were sacrificed and later found on Volcano Llullaillaco….  Only one of the three mummies is on display at any one time and while we were visiting we got to see The Lightening Girl

There is a cable car in Salta too… it takes you up to the top of a big hill – Cerro San Bernardo – which is on the edge of the town… we didn’t go on the cable car in Salta… but we still got to enjoy the views from the top of the hill… yes, that’s right – we decided to forego a ride on a lovely BUT expensive cable car, and to walk up instead…we found the path behind the park on the edge of town and started the uphill climb… there were a lot of steps… but given the walk was also the walk of the 14 stations of the cross, we got to rest at each of the stations… not because we are religious… but because there were a lot of steps and these were logical places to stop and rest!?! What can I say? The views of Salta were pretty good, AND on the walk back down we got to see a new hummingbird… so all in all the steps were worth it!!!

We’ve found the park… that means the start of the trail is near 🙂
The 13th station of the cross… just one more to go and then we’re at the top!
Check out the view from the top… and the lazy people in the cable cars 😉
The streets of Salta as seen from the top of the hill… with a camera with a BIG zoom!
Another street from the top of the hill…
PB hanging out enjoying the view.
A White-bellied Hummingbird.

Salta also afforded us the opportunity to guzzle all of the Argentinian delights that we hadn’t gotten around to trying… there weren’t many things that we still needed to try BUT as we hadn’t yet managed to try the national drink of Argentina, we thought we ought to… it didn’t disappoint…

Check out the national drink of Argentina… Fernet and coke… note that it doesn’t necessarily need to be served with Talca coke… it just works out a bit cheaper if you do serve it this way!?!

We liked Salta, and therefore as we said goodbye to Argentina… we were definitely leaving on a high note 🙂 🙂

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