Estamos en Trujillo

Heading further northwards, our next destination was Trujillo… a city, which I was led to believe was part of the main gringo trail – but to be honest, after having spent time in the South of Peru, this felt quite far from the truth…

The main reason to come to Trujillo is to visit the nearby ancient archaeological sites – we too were in Trujillo for the very same reason 😉 However, we very much enjoyed the time we spent in the city of Trujillo as well 🙂

There wasn’t a lot to see in Trujillo but it was a pleasant place to just be… We enjoyed strolling around the streets, looking at the colonial buildings, and watching the street artists (of which there were a few) dazzle and amaze their Peruvian audience – who couldn’t seem to work out how they were doing what they were doing…

Cathedral of Trujillo.
Belen Church in Trujillo.
Plaza de Armas of Trujillo.
By far the best street artist act in Trujillo (while we were there) and one that always attracted a crowd…

Our other favourite pastime in Trujillo was eating and drinking – with cake shops practically on every corner, it was the perfect spot to further develop our northern Peruvian sweet tooth that had started to unfold in Barranca! However one cake stood out more than any other… You could also buy a pretty good coffee in the market at a bargain price – a first for this trip! 🙂 🙂

Tres leches cake is the BEST cake in the whole of Peru!

WIth ancient ruins nearb,y and AWESOME readily available cake Trujillo won us over!

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