Estamos en Zamora

Our main reason for visiting Zamora was to access the lowlands area of Podocarpus National Park – but as always, visits to national parks get their own post – so you’ll have to wait to see how it compared to the other part of the park we visited from Loja 😉

Zamora itself is a jungle town… and at a mere 970m above sea-level, the weather felt absolutely tropical!!! It was hot, sticky and wet – although we got lucky and most of the rain came when we weren’t out and about 🙂

We didn’t have much time hanging about in Zamora – but the time we did have we really enjoyed 🙂

We had two favourite places in Zamora –

The first was the roof of our hotel (the Hotel Betania)… with its mirador of the famous Zamora clock (which lit up each evening at 6pm), and a pretty good view of the surrounding rolling hills and nearby streets… it was the perfect spot for mate (yes, our mate habit lives on!), eating supermarket dinners, and gecko spotting 🙂 Not only that, BUT we seemed to be the only people who liked to spend any time at all on the roof terrace – so it felt like our own!

The famous Zamora clock, in the land of birds and waterfalls.
The view from our lovely roof terrace.
Looking down on the street below our hotel… check out the cool artwork 🙂
CC enjoys some mate on the roof terrace… as you can see our thermos is looking a bit worse for wear because of our dedication to mate drinking since we bought it in Montevideo – but hey, soon we’ll have a new silver thermos – just need a little bit more of the black to flake off first!?!
Check out the baby gecko 🙂

Our second favourite spot was the Zamora Malecon…i.e. the riverside walk 🙂 It was really peaceful by the water, AND with big shiny plastic letters spelling out ZAMORA, it won us over 😉

PB is in Zamora!
A view of the river.
Another view of the river from the malecon.

Apart from relaxing by the water and on the rooftop terrace, we also went on a stroll about town… Zamora has a few colourful buildings, heaps of very cool street art, and a shop that made us smile each time we walked past…

Artwork number one.
Animal street art.
More wildlife street art.
Someone bothered to paint a scene with tapirs… now that’s cool.
A colourful church in one of the main plazas.
Yep we might be sensible(?) adults, BUT this shop name still made us smile… ARSE!

All in all we really liked Zamora… and our only regret – we didn’t stay for longer.

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