Our soap!

Being the ‘non-wasteful’ types that we are (or just cheap, depending on your viewpoint) – whenever we stayed anywhere that provided soap, if there was an unused, still wrapped soap, then we would take it with us. That way when we arrived somewhere without soap, we had some with us already – GENIUS NO?! 🙂

Well it turned out that there were more places that gave you soap (or two, or three soaps) than there were places without soap. What this means in reality is a SOAP BACKLOG!

I noticed that my washbag was getting very heavy, and when I temptied it out I found A LOT of soap. It turned out that CC was carrying a lot of soap too! (CC keeps her soap inside her hiking boots). We counted them all up, and it seemed that we were carrying 24 – YES TWENTY FOUR – bars of soap, and three packets of shampoo.

After more than a year of the trip, it was clear that some of these soaps WOULD HAVE TO GO! It was a bit sad to say goodbye to some of our soap, so we took a farewell photo….. bye bye extra soaps…. 🙁

Our collection of soap. In Loja, Ecuador we said goodbye to some of our soap.

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