Now I’m sure that you are all wondering why there were no good pictures of flamingos in the last post? Well.. it’s because flamingos are so awesome that they get a post all of their own – just full of flamingo pictures, including some baby flamingos which are grey.

There are three species of flamingos that can be found on the altiplano in Bolivia – Chilean Flamingos, Andean Flamingos, and James’s flamingos. They are all cool in their own way, and they all look slightly different. The James’s flamingos are the rarest in general, but they are the most numerous on the particular lakes that we visited – LUCKY US! In my opinion, they are also the most beautiful of the three species.

We had already seen Chilean and Andean flamingos (visit the linked blog page if you want to see what they look like compared to these ones) (the easiest way to spot the differences is in the leg colour and beaks) – so we were especially happy to see lots of James’s flamingos đŸ™‚

So, here’s a load of flamingo pictures….

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