Haircut Day!

Yes – it was time! Time for me to get my hair cut – YET AGAIN… yes, it grows too fast and gets in the way.. except for the bald patch 🙁 That bit doesn’t grow at all for some reason?! Nature, eh….

Anyway, only the first haircut of a trip is considered newsworthy by the blog editors, so GUESS WHAT? It was not just me who got their hair cut in Castro, Chiloé… no… CC was ready to take the plunge….. and have her hair ‘tidied up a bit’….

So, after duly learning some specific ‘hairdresser’ words in Spanish, we set about finding the perfect hairdresser… we vetoed anywhere that was empty, or where we couldn’t see in through the windows, and also anywhere where we didn’t like the look of the hairdressers inside (yes, this is some magical criteria that can’t be put into words…)

Finally, the location was decided…….Peluqueria Fabiola!

Peluqueria Fabiola – would you get your hair cut in here?

The price of the haircut would be 3000 Chilean Pesos, which right now is $6.40 AUD, or £3.50 GBP if you prefer…. which you must agree is a bargain.. no?

This was the first time that I had ever sat and watched CC get her hair cut, and I was intrigued if a ‘normal’ process had been followed, so I interviewed CC about her experience when we came out…

Apparently it’s not normal for the hairdresser to violently push your head from side to side while doing your hair, nor to pull the brush through your hair so vigourously that it yanks your head back and forwards. Who knew? It turns out that we were tricked, as the hairdresser that we had ‘approved’ by looking through the window, didn’t end up doing the haircut.. when we went in, she called through to the back, and another rogue hairdresser appeared, ready to maul CC’s head… 🙁

Oh well, all’s well that ends well, as the saying goes, as although the experience was a little on the ‘rough’ side, CC was quite pleased with the end result, so no tears before bedtime..

I’m sure that you would all love to see the new haircut, so here it is!

CC is happy with her new haircut 🙂

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