Iguanas of Guayaquil

Guayaquil is home to land iguanas… strolling down the malecon you can spot them hanging around in ones and twos on the nicely manicured lawns, or around the small lakes…BUT Seminario Park in Guayaquil is the place to go to really see land iguanas 🙂

This park is home to a HUGE population of green iguanas…. no spotting them one at a time here – they are here en masse 🙂

We really enjoyed our time in the park hanging with the iguanas – and even better we arrived for feeding time 🙂 Iguanas are cool – iguana feeding scrums are even cooler!

Here is our gallery of iguana pictures from Seminario Park…

There’s an iguana amongst the pigeons.
A smiling iguana.
There are sunbaking iguanas EVERYWHERE!
Relaxing iguana.
Feeding time.
This lady has a cool job!
A second feeding scrum.
Iguana in need of a post-lunch shower.
Cool iguana pose!
Cool green iguana.
Iguana relaxing after lunch.
Iguanas can go where they want in this park… humans on the other hand cannot – the sign reads ‘Don’t walk on the lawn’.
Messy but happy 😉
Camouflage iguana.

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