It’s haircut day!!!!

PB’s hair has been getting out of control… but it’s over… it’s no longer out of control as today was haricut day!!!!

It’s been 4 months since his final visit to his favourite barber in Surry Hills… some might say he’s been putting off going and I might have to agree with them! Today it was almost a spontaneous move… or it might have been the additional sugar intake from the cakes we’d just consumed that spurred him forward towards the entrance of the barbers… whatever it was, it was too late for him to change his mind…

We were just about to walk away as PB muttered ‘I can’t interrupt him he’s in the middle of cutting someone’s hair’ (translated as ‘I can’t really do this – how am I going to tell him in Portuguese what I want done?’) when the barber walked out of the barber’s shop and spoke to us… with hand gestures and a bit of Portuguese we managed to communicate that PB wanted a haircut and understand that it would cost 18 reis (no backing out for PB at this stage… 18 reis wouldn’t affect the budget too much – we needed to go for a cheap option as I hate negative numbers on the budget spreadsheet!!!!)

Anyway to cut a long story short… PB now has a new look and looks very cool 🙂

Check out the before and after shots for yourselves 🙂


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