Leaving Chuchini

In the end, we spent 8 days at Chuchini, and it was really excellent. Even though the volunteer work was not quite what we expected, and a lot of it was indoors – it was still a great experience.

Being able to do all the activities, and being in such a nice environment where we could see so many birds and animals was extremely enjoyable – and the owners really try hard to make sure that volunteers have a great experience.

Leaving Chuchini was a much simpler process than our 3km trek out of the last volunteer place! A return transfer for volunteers is included, so we were dropped off right back where we were picked up from – outside our hostal in Trinidad 🙂

So our time at Chuchini was over, and now we would start the long, slow journey back up to the altiplano towards La Paz…

The sign says – ‘We hope you return soon’… BYE CHUCHINI!

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