More churches of Chiloé

As you may have worked out by now, Chiloé is all about the wooden churches. We spent our time in Dalcahue making day trips to various places to check them out. Most of the villages are located on the water, so often there is some nice coastal scenery as well. All in all it was a very pleasant few days – although after a while, some of the churches start to look the same! 🙂 (only the less interesting ones…)

Anyway, here is our gallery of Chiloé wooden churches….

Achao, Quinchao Island

Achao is quite a large town (for Chiloé), with a large beachfront and lots of tourists.

Achao church
Inside Achao church there is a lot of intricate wooden carving.
Achao church is very long….
The church is set on a nice town square.

Matao, Quinchao island

This church became our favourite, because it was so old and rickety, and was in a tiny, tiny place with just a few fishing shacks and nothing else. Also, the inside was decorated with flags of Chile and Chilean colours, as well as all the usual religious stuff!

Matao church
Matao church
The inside is ‘Chilean’ themed.
Our favourite interior of a church.

Quinchao, Quinchao Island

The village of Quinchao, is also on Quinchao island, so like New York – it’s so good they named it twice – but in this case, perhaps not so good… we didn’t like this church all that much – we decided it had ‘no character’ – yep, we are tough judges…

Quinchao church.
Quinchao church.
Inside Quinchao church.
The best part of Quinchao church is the moss-covered cross.

Curaco de Velez, Quinchao Island

This place has a very small church. We liked it because it was a quite a bit different from the other ones.

Church in Curaco de Velez.
The church is on the main square.
The church has a nice wooden interior.


This church had the best outside decorations – check out the stars! 🙂

Tenaún church.
There is a wooden engraving of the Tenaún church in the main square.
Tenaún church.


This was quite an impressive church, but no stars on it…. and the town wasn’t by the water – so we downgraded its rating.

Rilán church.
Rilán church.

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