Night Life of Manu

And last – but not least – the night life of Manu…. and no I’m NOT talking about drinking, bars, and clubs – there’s none of that in Manu! I’m talking about all the nocturnal animals that you don’t see during the day, as they prefer to sleep by day – and only come out at night…

We got to see a fair few nocturnal animals during our time in Manu as we had three official nightwalks (one in each of the places we stayed) AND one walk in the dark as we left the Camouflage House at 3:45am…

Most of the night critters we saw we can only identify with generic labels such as ‘frog’ or ‘spider’, but as they’re pretty cool to look at anyway – here is our gallery of night critters – divided into 3 sections i.e. each lodge…

Night life of Rainforest Lodge

A frog.
A frog.
A strange caterpillar.
A frog.
A grumpy toad.
A tarantula comes out of his hole…
Tawny-bellied Screech-Owl.

Night life of Bonanza Lodge

A Gresshopper.
Stick insect.
Pink-footed Tarantula.
Unusual night critter in Manu.
Undulated Tinamou.
Dwarf Caiman.

Night life of Casa Machiguenga Lodge

A Toad.
A frog.
A frog.
An unusual night critter.
A Glass Moth
A frog.
A frog.

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