PB drinks coffee!

Okay so no surprises about what this post is about – as there’s a spoiler alert in the title… this post is all about PB’s coffee drinking binge in Colombia!

We might have started drinking coffee in Ecuador and become slightly addicted once more to this beautiful brown liquid… But what can I say but once PB discovered that Colombian coffee lived up to the hype – there was no stopping him – he officially became a coffee hound!  😉 😉 OK, so yes, I might have matched him cup for cup… BUT the difference was that I didn’t pose for a picture every time I enjoyed a coffee…

Anyway as a result, we have a heap of photos of PB in action coffee drinking!!!! And here – you too can see just how many coffees PB drank in different establishments… when he had two or more in the same coffee shop it didn’t make the cut!!!

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