People watching in La Paz

I’ve always enjoyed people watching… but from most people watching spots – from a comfy seat in a cafe, to a park bench – taking pictures of the people you’re watching feels somewhat wrong…but when you’re in a spot where the people you’re watching can’t see you, it’s probably still wrong (maybe even more so?!?)…. but at least you can’t get caught and confronted by your subjects!?! 🙂

There were heaps of fascinating individuals that wandered past our hostal while I was relaxing on the roof terrace – camera in hand… but those that caught and held my attention the most were ladies in traditional dress… the colourful cloths slung over backs to carry goods, the bowler hats, polleras (pleated skirts), and shawls were eye-catching 🙂

I was also intrigued by the number of protests/parades that took place in La Paz… there seemed to be at least one a day which stopped the traffic as people took over the roads…

I present to you here the gallery of images from the rooftop terrace of the Adventure Brew Hostal…

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