Estamos en Oruro

We made it to Oruro… the only town – I know of – in Bolivia that is a palindrome…

Oruro was our purpose built – yet brief – stop between La Paz and Uyuni to avoid the evil night bus to Uyuni 😉 We therefore didn’t have much time to explore – just one full day…

Oruro was a pretty pleasant mining town… less manic than La Paz, but still interesting to wander around 🙂 Although as most people head there for Carnaval (it’s second only to Rio – apparently) it’s probably not always less manic – we were just happily out-of-season 😉

We stayed in a hostal near the old bus terminal…. which was nothing to rave about but it did have a couple of resident cats that were very cute, and when they weren’t trying to get into your room were happy relaxing on the balcony 🙂

Oruro from the balcony of the hostal.
One of the cute resident cats that made me smile 🙂

We endeavoured to fit all the sights, sounds and tastes of Oruro (minus the carnaval!) into a day… lucky for us there was no need to rush as there weren’t that many sights!!! Our first stop took us to the main square – where we relaxed with a coke, people watching and admiring the manicured garden and flower beds… then after some strolling around town it was time for lunch… papas rellenas…. as they’re known here in Bolivia… or ‘stuffed potatoes’… which doesn’t sound quite as appetizing if you ask me!!!

This is the BEST flower bed in the main square 🙂 How cool is this armadillo?
PB looking unconvinced that a delicious lunch lies before him!

After lunch it was time for the main attraction… it was time to take the cable car to the top of Santa Barbara Hill to visit the Monument to the Virgen del Socavón, otherwise known as the Virgin Mary… The statue was very impressive – it can be seen from all over Oruro and given at 45m – it’s bigger than Tiny Jesus in Rio – I guess that’s to be expected 🙂

We’ve made it to the cable car station and are ready to visit the Virgin Mary statue.
The Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus…
The view from the top – looking out to the edge of town and the altiplano.
The altiplano goes far into the distance.
Looking down at the centre of Oruro.
There’s lots of space at the top for lots of tourists who come to visit during carnaval…
CC likes the view from the top 🙂
It’s time to make the journey back to town…

Our successful day of sightseeing in Oruro was rounded off with a beautiful glass of hot api morado… and a sneaky cheesy pastry as there was a combo deal in Apimanta – the only shop we found selling api in oruro…

After an enjoyable stop in Oruro, we were ready to face the (day) bus to Uyuni…

2 thoughts on “Estamos en Oruro

  • August 5, 2018 at 9:10 am

    how was the papas rellenas? did it prove you wrong? wow the view is amazing. The Armadillo is the bomb 🙂

  • August 12, 2018 at 11:28 pm

    The papas rellenas were AWESOME! 🙂


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