Sally lightfoot crabs

There are a few animals that are found in the Galapagos that we haven’t mentioned yet, so of course we need to put that right with a few more posts! 🙂 Starting with the Sally lightfoot crab. Yes, that’s a pretty cool name eh? They are also known as the ‘red rock crab’ – but that’s clearly not as good a name as “Sally lightfoot’!

These crabs are not specifically from the Galapagos – they can be found in lots of other places as well – but they can be seen in the Galapagos in large numbers, and we often enjoyed watching them on the rocks. They live on the rocky shoreline, and they are apparently very fast and very hard to catch – hence the ‘lightfoot’ name.

They range in colour from brown/black to bright red – but there is only one species. So, without further ado, here are some pictures of sally lightfoot crabs…

Bright red crab.
Sideways view of blacky/red crab.
Another red crab.

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