Salt flat tourist photos…

Now…. remember in the last post about day 1 of the salt flat and altiplano tour – I mentioned that there were certain MANDATORY photos that get taken on the salt flats…

These photos are taken by the tour guides, who come up with all kinds of weird and wonderful ideas for ‘fun’ photos involving either ‘perspective optical illusions’ to make things look bigger or smaller than they actually are, or ‘jumping’ – because everybody loves a good ‘jumping’ photo 🙂

Sometimes they even manage to combine optical illusions and jumping in the same photo – yes, they are very resourceful these tour guides. Us poor tourists have to work very hard for these photos – I have to say that I have not jumped in the air this many times for many years…

But, I do have to admit that we really enjoyed ourselves getting these photos taken! 🙂 🙂 🙂 CC managed to improve her jumping technique tremendously…. 🙂

So, I present to you this collection of salt flat tourist photos….

Standard jumping photo.
CC kicks a small PB across the salt flat (jumping required by PB)
PB balances the whole tour group on his arms.
CC fails to jump at the correct time. I couldn’t resist including a failed jump…. 🙂
Yeah, look at us the expert super jumpers….
CC holds a very small PB in the palm of her hand.
CC throws PB in the air (yes, more jumping required by PB…)
The Irish girls in one boot, and CC and PB in the other.
Yes, now we are DRIVING the boots…. 🙂
CC is too small for her boots…
PB is too small for his boots, AND he can’t balance…
The group jumping photo – note the near perfect horizontal alignment…
One of the Irish girls blows us very tiny people across the salt flat.
PB has CC in a hat.

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