Street Art of Oaxaca

One of the interesting things about Oaxaca was the abundance of murals and street art. Some of it was political, and some of it wasn’t – but it was all very striking and we ended up taking a lot of photos.. yes… not a surprise really 🙂

So here is a selection of the street art of Oaxaca…

Capitalism. Fascism. Law of internal insecurity (Mexico passed a controversial ‘internal security law’ which allows the military to be involved in domestic law enforcement).
ASARO is a street art collective based in Oaxaca.
This was on the same street as the one above.
13 years and the murderer is still loose. Jail URO (URO is Ulises Ruiz Ortiz the ex-governor of Oaxaca)
On the left – ’14th June – not forgiven nor forgotten’. On this date in 2006 the police brutally broke up a teacher’s strike leaving hundreds in hospital.
Also on the same street.
More from the same street.
Without women there is no revolution.
Close up – Without women there is no revolution.
Not sure what this one represents!
Big cat.
This one was huge and very striking.
11th May. Power to the workers.
This one seems to be a capitalist pig battling with a worker.
Don’t know who these guys are.
More political murals.
Kneeling fox.
These are lines from a poem by Ramón López Velarde
Mama, I don’t want to go to school because after that we disappear.
Women no longer cry, now they fight. Epifanio Avilés Rojas disappeared on 19 May 1969. He is in our memories. Where is he?
Colourful skeleton mural.

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