The dog walkers of Buenos Aires

One of our main goals in Buenos Aires, was to see if we could find some of the world famous dog walkers. You probably are thinking ‘what famous dog walkers?’, or perhaps ‘you are a bit weird’ – but either way, I’m going to tell you about them anyway….

Lots of people in BA have dogs – a fact that some of you know very well – as remarks have been made about the level of dog-poo present in BA. The observable level of dog-poo present was in our view similar to other cities in Argentina – so perhaps we are just used to it now 🙂

Anyways, these people with dogs are very busy at work, and don’t have time to walk their own dogs. So they need to pay people to walk their dogs. The people who walk the dogs need to make as much money as they can, so therefore they need to take on as many dogs as they can. In order to be time-efficient, it is of course best to walk more than one dog at the same time, so the question is….. How many dogs can you take for a walk at the same time??

Well, the answer is…  as many as you possibly can… how many dogs do YOU reckon you could walk at the same time….

Maybe you could manage around six dogs?

Recoleta – 6 dogs

Well…. six dogs is actually slightly lazy, probably more like 9 is a decent workload…

Retiro – around 9 dogs

BUT, in reality you are supposed to be doing at least 14 dogs to be a proper hardcore dog walker…

Recoleta – around 14 dogs.

There is apparently a city by-law that limits the number of dogs that can be walked at the same time to eight dogs… like a lot of rules in Argentina, it is generally ignored…

Belgrano – a policewoman ignores the 8 dog rule as she looks at 11 dogs.

So, we definitely found the famous dog-walkers of Buenos Aires, and I am definitely sure that it is not a job that I would want to do!

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