Arriving at Chuchini

Volunteering at Chuchini includes a ‘free transfer’ to Chuchini – something I was grateful for, as a ride on a motorcycle taxi with all my bags still filled me with fear!!!

Our ‘transfer’ came to pick us up from our hostal at around 10am… it wasn’t a standard type of transfer… i.e. one that takes you direct to where you are going… instead we were picked up by the owner – with her two children (who were twins and almost three years old), in tow… and were off on a shopping expedition in Trinidad before heading to Chuchini… our volunteering was starting early!!!

There was lots of shopping to do – and many items needed to be purchased from different shops and markets across the city… there’s no ‘one-stop shop’ in this town for all the supplies Chuchini required!!! We began by helping carrying items, but soon it shifted to staying with the kids (who had decided they’d had enough shopping for one day) – in the car…

We finally made it to Chuchini at around 1pm…and after unpacking the car… we headed inside for a late lunch…

We’ve arrived!!!

After lunch, it was straight to work! No rest for the wicked…. 🙂

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