Birds, birds and more birds!!!

We love birds… especially ones that are easy to see as they’re big, colourful and plentiful!!! Not all the birds we’ve seen fit into all 3 categories, but if they fit into at least one of these categories then we tend to be happy πŸ™‚

Our bird list (not a sign that we’re turning into serious birders, just a sign of old age – if we don’t create a list we won’t remember the names of any of the birds we’ve seen) is growing which is quite exciting… and to let you share the excitement – here are 12 pictures of our favourites πŸ™‚

A Southern Screamer
A Rufescent Tiger-heron
A Giant-wood Rail
A Red-crested cardinal
A Plumbeous Ibis
An Amazon Kingfisher
A Guira Cuckoo
A Maguari Stork
A Smooth-billed Ani
A Burrowing Owl
A Surucua Trogon
A Lineated Woodpecker

Were you counting? That was 12 birds. But there’s one more bonus picture, which PB told me wasn’t worth including. Well I’m including it anyway, as it sums up my reaction when PB told me it shouldn’t be included πŸ™‚

PB tells CC that 12 pics is enough! or White-rumped swallows – whichever you prefer…

Well, if you’ve scrolled this far down the post without getting bored, then you must love birds! So that means you are bound to want to see our full bird list? Yes – I thought so – the link is below – we are up to 122 different species (we’ve seen more but if we can’t identify them we can’t include them πŸ™ )

See the Bird List – Sep 14 2017

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