Iguazu Falls

What can I say about the world-famous Iguazu Falls? Well – they deserve to be famous – they are awesome! We spent the day on the Argentinean side, and it’s really well set up. It is extremely busy with tourists, especially in certain areas – but it’s got quiet parts as well.

Despite the large number of visitors, this was one of the best places we have visited. There are 2 walking trails allowing views of the falls from different angles, plus a walkway right to the edge of ‘the devil’s throat’ – ooooh sounds scary eh? (not an actual throat though – but a very impressive part of the falls)

There’s also a 7km return nature trail through the jungle where you can look for wildlife, and you can take a boat over to an island in the river for a different view of the falls (only if the river level is not too high – it was, so we couldn’t go over)

It’s all in the jungle, and there is quite a bit of bird and animal life around – WHAT MORE COULD ANYONE WANT! 🙂

The pictures of the actual falls don’t really do it justice (or we are bad photographers!), but here we go anyway….

Look at all that water! Near the devil’s throat.
This animal is called a ‘Coati’, and will steal your lunch if you are not careful… naughty Coati..
View of the falls from the lower walking trail.
More water…
View of the falls from the Upper walking trail.
Rusty-margined Guan on the nature trail.
This beautiful bird is called a Plush-crested Jay, and hangs around the falls.
Gratuitous picture of some Coatis just cos they are cute.
LOOK! We saw an actual wild toucan! He was wild in the jungle, not wild because someone stole his Guinness.

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