Birds of the Pantanal

YES – the moment you have all been waiting for… drumroll…. TWENTY pictures of birds from the Pantanal – yes birds are cool, and we like taking pictures of them…

Rufescent tiger heron (young)
Rufescent tiger heron (adult)
Great horned owl (young)
Toco toucans
Neotropical cormorant catches a fish.
Nanday parakeets
Red and green macaw
White-throated piping guan
Hyacinth macaws
Another hyacinth macaw –  because they are so beautiful! 🙂
Ringed kingfisher
Bare-faced curassow – female
Bare-faced curassow – male
Jabiru stork
Jabiru stork on nest
Campo flicker
Chaco chachalaca
Little woodpecker
Purple gallinule

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