What’s a Capybara? I hear you ask.. it’s the world’s largest rodent – yeah – pretty cool eh? It’s not some kind of giant rat, it’s REALLY CUTE. Everyone in the world who sees a Capybara loves them (maybe)

There are so many Capybaras in the area around Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, that you see them everyday, just lazing around, munching on the grass, and swimming in the lake. If Colonia Carlos Pellegrini were to have an ‘official animal’, then it should be the Capybara.

They are about the size of a wombat, and you can read about them here:

Yes they are very interesting, and we like them, so here are a lot of pictures of Capybaras in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini:

Hitching a free ride on a capybara
Wait for me!
The 3 musketeers – baby capybara version.
CC and her new friend.
PB and his new friend.
Look, theres a Capybara!
I’m a capybara, and I’m cool.
I’m a capybara, and I’m the coolest capybara on this page.

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