Cruising the Beagle Channel

Finally the perfect (well for Ushuaia anyway…) weather day appeared on the weather forecast – so we took the plunge and booked a Beagle Channel cruise for the next morning…

With lots of companies to choose from (this is one of the main tours on offer when you’re in Ushuaia), and all the companies offering more or less the same tour, we finally settled on a company based on their friendliness when we went to enquire, the size of the boat, and the refreshments provided during the tour… only kidding about the last selection criteria – but given that they provided us with homemade coffee liquor on the way back to Ushuaia (and coffee and biscuits earlier on) they would have won this one anyway! 🙂

Our selection criteria worked out well, as our Beagle Channel boat trip turned out to be really enjoyable… the weather held out too – there was not a drop of rain, and the famous harsh Patagonian wind stayed away for a few hours meaning it wasn’t THAT cold with 4 layers and a woolly hat (yes, this is summer in Patagonia on a good day!) 🙂 🙂

PB and CC layered up on the boat

The views for the whole trip were pretty spectacular, but the highlight for me was the ‘lighthouse at the end of the world’.The small walk on one of the Bridges Islands in the Beagle Channel was also pretty cool, with great views all around… the guide was good too – and we learnt lots of cool stuff about the Beagle Channel and the area.

Looking back at Ushuaia from the boat.
Look – I can see Chile…
It’s nap time for the sealions in the Beagle Channel…
A lone elephant seal hangs out on the rock waiting for her new skin,  so she can go back in the water
A flightless steamer duck in the Beagle Channel 🙂
The picture perfect ‘lighthouse at the end of the world’.
We’ve arrived at Bridges Island… time for a stroll…
Taking in the view from Bridges Island
Heading back to Ushuaia…

All in all, a great four hours on the water! 🙂

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