Estamos en Bacalar

Bacalar was our first stop in Mexico and it was AWESOME! 🙂 Yes, we liked it so much that we kept getting up at 5am 🙂

If you are wondering about the 5am starts then it’s because Bacalar is famous for its beautiful turquoise lagoon – which is perfect for swimming! 🙂 You are probably now wondering why good swimming = 5am start. Well… first of all it’s very quiet at that time – and of course we hate being near other people when we are swimming in a beautiful lagoon. Second of all, no need to bother with sunscreen at that time of the morning – because of course we are lazy and don’t like the hassle of applying sunscreen.  Third of all, it means that you can legitimately have two breakfasts – one inside your room when you get up, and one when you get back from swimming – provided by the guesthouse!

Yes, makes sense now doesn’t it! 🙂 So as Bacalar is all about the lagoon and the swimming – here is our collection of lagoon tourist photos:

Bacalar Lagoon – lots of boardwalks to access the swimming.
Bacalar Lagoon showing its famous turquoise colour on the horizon.
Ready for a swim?
PB practices for Instagram.
PB tries again for Instagram.
CC wins the Instagram competition with the addition of some shoes and a better pose. The weather wasn’t cooperating with any sunshine though…

There’s not much more to say about Bacalar – it’s quite a small place and we did the obligatory walk around to look for old buildings – and of course the most important attraction in any town in Latin America – THE BIG PLASTIC LETTERS! YAY! 🙂

PB at the plastic letters.

Bacalar is geared up for tourism – mostly Mexicans and a few backpackers – and we felt like we were on holiday. This might have also been because with only a month to go on the trip and being under budget, we decided we could spend whatever we liked! So ‘It’s OK we’re on holiday now’ became the catchphrase for eating and drinking excessively and going to lots of restaurants during our whole time in Mexico. 🙂

CC enjoys a drink in the park.
Not as good as the plastic letters…
Church in Bacalar.
Fortress of San Filipe.
PB enjoys a beer by the lagoon.
Entrance to the public bathing area.
PB continues the eating and drinking frenzy in Bacalar with some Panuchos and Sopes.

As it was the start of the rainy season, it was cloudy and overcast most days with a fair bit of rain on and off – but most of it seemed to come during the night and so it didn’t really stop us doing anything (perhaps that’s because swimming, eating, and drinking can all be done during the rain? 🙂 )

So all in all we were well impressed with Bacalar – there’s not too many places in the world where we would get up so early just to go swimming! 🙂

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