Estamos en Coroico

After leaving La Paz we arrived in Coroico – a very small town in the Bolivian Yungas

Getting to Coroico no longer requires a trip down ‘Death Road‘, as the bus now takes the newish highway instead… we therefore can’t claim to have travelled down what was named in 1995 as the most dangerous road in the world… BUT hey as old people, who value our lives, we’re okay with that!  😉

There’s not really a lot to do in Coroico… being in the Yungas is more about being in nature than having things to do… Coroico the town consists of a small plaza (with a church), a few shops, restaurants and guesthouses and not a lot else…

The church in the main square in Coroico.
This is a statue of a cock-of-the-rock… the symbol of Coroico…. I’m not sure why it’s the symbol – we didn’t see one in the flesh and feathers 🙁

Our guesthouse was just outside town… on the main road… with great views of the Yungas.

The entrance to our guesthouse… yes this is the main road – I haven’t made a mistake 😉
The view from our window.

With not a lot to do we entertained ourselves by walking up and down the ‘main road’ enjoying the scenery and looking for new and exciting birds!?!

A view from the road… if it weren’t for the clouds you’d see some snow-capped mountains of the cordillera real…
Another view from the road.
Heading back towards town.
A Blue-tailed Emerald.
PB in Coroico.

Then when we needed a rest!?! We returned to our guesthouse to eat homemade ice-cream!

CC looking happy as she’s about to tuck into some homemade dulce de leche and passionfruit (not mixed – one ball of each!) ice cream… yum!
The view as we eat ice-cream…

Coroico was a relaxing place to be… and given our next stop would consist of TWO weeks of work… yes, we were off to volunteer again… we were happy to have some quiet time 🙂

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