Estamos en Iquique

Our first ‘proper’ stop after San Pedro was Iquique – which is back at sea level! Most people leave San Pedro and head into Bolivia… BUT no, not us… we decided to take a less conventional route so we could see what the seaside towns of Iquique and Arica had to offer before leaving Chile!

There isn’t a lot to do in the town of Iquique itself, as the main reason for coming to Iquique, is for the beach and a milder climate!!!

The centre has a nice square, and a few colonial buildings… it also has a beautiful backdrop of sand dunes 🙂 BUT without a doubt the beach is the place to be in Iquique 🙂

Iquique’s main square – Plaza Prat.
The waterfront…
The sand stretches for a long way in Iquique!
CC strolling along the boardwalk on Iquique’s beach 🙂
PB has found the most important sight in Iquique… These signs should be obligatory everywhere – I love them!!!
A cute church by the beach.

After looking at tour itineraries (there are lots of tours from Iquique to the surrounding area) we also learnt that there was a viewpoint in Iquique that afforded views of town… We’re suckers for viewpoints… so we caught a local bus to Alto Hospicio to check out the view…

To be honest it was a little disappointing… the ‘official’ viewpoint area was closed – there was a big fence around it! And although we could see a different ‘viewpoint’ from where we were, with flags and a statue on it, it wasn’t easy to get to, AND it looked like there were people digging up the area anyway…

From our ‘unofficial viewpoint’ we got a view of The Dragon Hill of Iquique – the massive sand dune – and a glimpse of town… but given the maze of roads and wasteland we had to cross to find a bus to take us back to town, I’m still not 100 percent convinced it was worth the effort!!!

Check out the view from our unofficial viewpoint!
This is the viewpoint that we think was under construction – it might have had better views… BUT we will never know!
CC strolls across the wasteland to try and find a bus home… as she reaches the Punto de Encuentro ‘Meeting Point’ a dog joins her – could it really be that it’s a point for stray dogs to try and meet a new owner???

Iquique did however impress us with its culinary delights… nowhere else have I – as a pescatarian – had such an overwhelming choice of empanadas…

I count 10 vego options AND another 6 for seafood eaters on top of that – how good is that 🙂

All in all we enjoyed our time in Iquique, but after a few days we were ready to leave and check out Arica to see how it compared!

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